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Born in July (The Album) [Deluxe with Commentary]



MOOD: I'm Feeling Petty (EP)

Born in July (The Album)

Born in July (The EP)
No Hard Feelings - EP
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Remedy - Single

ABOUT taylor

They say you learn a lot about someone by knowing their birthdate —Taylor Edwards was born on July 22nd. In an era built on a heavy social media presence, Edwards wondered if her listeners would really know her if the only information they had were her songs. With that in mind, she set out to create a project that would live longer than an instagram story…cue the fall 2021 release of Born in July. The 7 track EP includes TikTok viral “Call Your Sister”, which landed her an interview with Ryan Seacrest (On Air with Ryan Seacrest) after over 100K videos were made using the song. In addition, Edwards gained nationwide radio play via KIIS FM and iHeart Radio show The Vibe. From a millennial's struggle with mental health, to missing her hometown and her little sister, to the hopeful upside of being single in your twenties, Taylor took fans on a deep dive into her relatable world throughout the EP…but there is still more of her story to tell. Born in July (The Album), featuring 7 additional songs, released exactly one year later on September 30th and continues to expand the narrative that has kickstarted her career.

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